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Course Contents

Course Content

Lessons are ninety minutes. When Lessons are back-to-back in a day, a 10 - 15 minute break is given.

Odd numbered Lessons are for Math; even numbered Lessons are for Verbal, as follows:
L1 Arithmetic and Algebra I.
L2 Developing Vocabulary.
L3 All the Geometry You Need for the SAT.
L4 Reading Comp - Short Passages. More Vocabulary.
L5 Fractions, Ratios, Percents, Negatives, Exponents.
L6 Reading Comp - Long Passages. Family Feud I.
L7 Averages, Number Properties, and QCs.
L8 Sentence Completions, Root Words, and Vocab Drills.
L9 Calculators, Grid Ins, Combinations, Symbolism, and Logic Problems.
L10 Standard Written English for the SAT II -OR- Verbal full test.
L11 Backsolving, Multiple Variable Problems, Graphs, & Rate Problems; Time savers in Math.
L12 Time Savers in Reading Comp. Family Feud II.
L13 Low level probability. "High Level" Math, made easy.
L14 Idioms and Sentence Improvement for SAT II -OR- General Strategy Review, Sentence Comp Review, Reading Review.

Practice Test and Review A - with emphasis on Reading Comprehension - 3.5 or 4 hours
Practice Test and Review B - with emphasis on Vocabulary - 3.5 or 4 hours
Practice Test and Review C - with emphasis on Math - 3.5 or 4 hours

Strategy Session , 2 - 3 hours the week of the SAT

On many schedules, a math and a verbal lesson will appear back-to-back, as a 3 - 4 hour session, with a break in between. No 3+ hour session occurs on a school day, however.

With the exception of drills and games created by Ivy Bound, all materials are from actual released SATs, which are licensed/purchased for each student. Since laws prevent makers of the SAT from changing the general content of the test or its format without informing the public, students can be assured that they are using the most appropriate study materials possible. No other materials are necessary.

The three in-class practice tests are selected from among the last three years' released tests. The review sessions for these tests are based on an analysis of how students in the class fared, problem-by-problem.

Fourteen Lessons, two practice tests, two reviews of each test, a strategy/pizza session, and free extra help software are all components of the course. In total, the in-class teaching time totals 35 hours and 9 additional hours if doing Essay Writing Prep. In addition, we ask a minimum of 25 hours of home study time.

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