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The Ivy Bound Story

Welcome to the Ivy Bound SAT test prep Program. My staff and I look forward to another summer and fall helping students maximize their SAT scores. We have developed the most comprehensive set of strategies and practice questions for SAT success, and my personal goal is to see 200 point average increases in all our classes.

As you are probably well aware, the SAT is for most students the single most important test in their high school careers. With the competition to top colleges even more fierce, the SAT has become a greater determinant of admissions and scholarship decisions than ever before. I look at this as an opportunity for any student willing to bring in an open mind and a willingness to achieve. Despite the format change and "recentering", the SAT remains a coachable test.

We have one piece of advice that far too many guidance counselors don't follow, and on this one we know we're right: START EARLY. Colleges do not penalize an applicant for taking the SAT multiple times. The SAT is not a test that rewards skills acquired only in Senior year. So long as you have had a semester of Geometry and a semester of Algebra I, you have the tools to take advantage of this class. Since most students have this by tenth grade, there is nothing wrong with taking the SAT prep course the summer following 10th grade.

Most kids have less academic work in the summer; for this reason, summer classes tend to be the best time to concentrate on SAT preparation. Since the SAT is largely a test of skills, rather than memorization, there is little diminution in abilities, even with a two month hiatus between the summer classes and test day. We like to see kids sitting on solid SAT scores by fall of Junior year.

The best results come when students reinforce what they learn soon after learning it. That's why your teacher will strongly suggest reviewing the notes from class WITHIN 24 HOURS of having class. Each class has a suggested calendar for getting through a minimum of 50 hours of home study by test day. A student who can devote two good hours a day three days a week is on pace to do this over a nine week course.

On SAT II subjects that require lots of memorization, it is often good to schedule them to coincide with the end of a semester, when the student has to review for finals anyhow, or the beginning of the following semester, to have the benefit of the complete curriculum plus some review time. Thus we like seeing students scheduling SAT IIs for June, December, and January.

Ivy Bound courses are available country-wide. All classroom instructors and tutors are among the top 1% scorers, pass the Ivy Bound standard for ability to deliver the material effectively, and genuinely like teaching high school students. If you live far from any of our scheduled locations and organize a group by mid-June, we can have an instructor come to almost any meeting place during the summer or fall.

Admissions Essay Brainstorming and Editing services are also available through Ivy Bound. Your consultant will walk you through the entire admissions essay process, as well as provide an in-depth review and edit of your admissions essay.

In a recent set of classes, our students improved an average of 168 points. This compares favorably with the big national prep organizations, Princeton Review and Stanley Kaplan. We attribute our success to being able to concentrate all our resources onto one test, the SAT. We also attribute it to the dedication of our students. They want to excel and they are dedicated to doing the course right. Our students have been accepted to every Ivy League school, along with Stanford, MIT, Cal Tech, and Cambridge. Their testimonials attribute much of their success to the "smart approach" and "extraordinary teaching" of Ivy Bound Test Prep.

Mark Greenstein
Founder and Principal Instructor

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