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Law School Admissions Test


The rewards from attending a competitive law school are higher than ever. The top tier firms that recruit at these law schools offer a career income stream of over $10,000,000. Put yourself in the best position possible! Start with LSAT success.

At some Law Schools, the LSAT is the single most important element in a candidate's "profile", and at most law schools it is a close second after GPA. The LSAT is a combination of logic, reading skills, and argument analysis. All areas of the LSAT are "coachable", but it takes good guidance and diligent practice.

The Ivy Bound LSAT program offers top tier teaching and the maximum number of available practice tests. Our tutors have all scored in the top 1% on the LSAT and teach with clarity, enthusiasm, empathy, and test knowledge. Our lead instructor, Ivy Bound's co-founder and current president, has taught LSAT prep since 1987. Over 1000 of his students are now practicing lawyers.

The program allows student use of 30 Real LSATs for use as practice tests and learning examples. Our instructors are available for telephone explanations to all teaching and practice test problems via our weekly Help Line.

Students should plan on 25 - 35 percentile increases following a full course with Ivy Bound, and should know that 40 - 45 percentile increases are realistic.