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Several of you have asked about the October PSAT...

Only rising juniors will be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Competition associated with the PSAT. Therefore rising
sophomores should only worry about the PSAT in the following situations:

* they need it for some school tracking
* they need a strong score for self esteem

Rising juniors should worry about the PSAT only in the following situations:

* they are in a realistic range of National Merit recognition. Students will be commended with a score of about 200 or higher,
depending upon the year. Students will become semi-finalists if they are in the top 1% in their state. Cut offs vary state by state, between 215 and 225. It's higher in states with good public schools & highly motivated students, lower in "weaker" states (multiply PSAT scores by 10 to calculate the corresponding SAT score).
* They are in a realistic range of National Achievement (African-American) or National Hispanic scholarships, also associated with the PSAT and generally with slightly lower cut-offs.
* They need it for school tracking or self-esteem

The PSAT is NOT worthwhile as a practice SAT, as the PSAT lacks the higher level Math problems, essay and length present on the SAT. The
PSAT is also inconvenient because scores are not released until December or even later.

Our practice sessions for the SAT give a better SAT snapshot score and you get IMMEDIATE feedback.

Colleges don't see the PSAT score. As you know, we're passionate about pushing for test excellence WHEN IT MATTERS; for most students, the
PSAT is irrelevant. Nevertheless, if you fall into one of the four categories above and want our help, we can have a tutor add PSAT
focus to whatever you're already doing with Ivy Bound.

We are emailing all enrolled Ivy Bound students in the Class of 2014 four PSATs. These come complete with Answers. You can take and score them on your own. If wanting your tutor to review it with you, please forward those tests to the tutor and specify the troublesome questions in the text of that email. If you'd like these as hard-copies, please by Aug 20 and we will mail the packet. The cost is $20, which we will add to your tutoring invoice.

We are also proctoring one PSAT Sunday session by phone. It's Sunday September 16 at 2:30 - 5:15pm Eastern with review at 9:15pm. This one does carry a separate $150 charge ($250 if committing after August 20), even for IB clients. Testers will receive all six EXTRA PSAT booklets, one for September 23 and five for use during the weeks between then and the October PSAT. To sign up, please give your name and mailing
address to If not an IB client, please mail in a check to 107 Fenn Rd. Newington CT 06111.