Ivy Bound has been known to be a leader in SAT, ACT, Subject Test, AP and secondary school placement test prep for 15 years. What about the kids struggling to keep up in elementary and middle school? We hope to become a leader in K-12 tutoring as well, with our new Academic Tutoring Center! If your child is falling behind in any subject in school, Ivy Bound can help them get back on track. Access our tutors Monday through Saturday to begin the journey to academic success!

Academic Tutoring Services

We understand that math, science, English or really any subject can pose difficulty for a number of students, yet it can be hard to admit. Everyone has a different style of learning that might not translate well in certain classes. Luckily, all of our passionate tutors are determined to find a way for any subject to make sense to your child! It is our goal to sharpen their academic skills until they achieve mastery of the material that has been challenging them.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped students on all levels achieve success on academic subjects.

We specifically tailor our tutoring sessions to both the needs of the students and the expectations of the teacher. Our tutors will request old tests from the student’s teacher to gain a better understanding of what your child needs to do in order to succeed in the class. Every teacher has a different way of teaching, so the analysis of former assignments is beneficial to the tutor and the student, especially if the class content is not what your child struggles with.

Our Academic Tutoring Center is located at 107 Fenn Road in Newington, easily accessible to Wethersfield residents. Tutors are there from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Saturdays. If you’d like to learn more about how Ivy Bound can help your child achieve his or her academic best, contact us at 877-IVY-BOUND ext. 303 or info@ivybound.net.