AP Test Prep

AP (Advanced Placement) tests help students enhance in college, based on their high school work. How do colleges know about your work in high school? A good score on the AP exams! A four or five almost always gets you advanced standing in the subject, once you get on campus.

AP Scores for Admissions

If you take four subjects in high school and score well, you could place out of a semester of college! If you don’t want to get through college so quickly, you can take high level courses from the start.

AP tests were not always meant for admissions purposes, but it has become an extra element that colleges really respect. Schools don’t require AP test scores, but they will look at any credentials a student sends.

The AP is a good nationwide standard that’s equivalent or better than SAT Subject Tests. The AP is often regarded as a more rigorous test than the SAT Subject Tests because it’s a three-hour test that includes “show your work” aspects. If you can earn a 4 or 5 in a subject, it gives you a lift in the admissions world.

How to Score Well

First, study during the school year in those classes. Also study well for your finals in those classes, which are likely to come in May or June (the AP tests come in early May). Lastly, bone up for the APs – we will talk more about this third tip in Part 2.