School will soon be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean learning has to end. While summer vacation is a well-deserved break for our children, it can be detrimental to learning progress. If textbooks are closed for two to three months, that information is as good as forgotten! At Ivy Bound, we have opportunities to learn throughout the year. In addition to our Academic Camps, which offer courses in fun activities like Ballet & Tap, Chess and Entrepreneurship, our Academic Learning Center is open six days a week and tutors are always available for at-home sessions.

A few of the benefits of summer tutoring include:

Improved Memory

blog-summertutorWhen students close their books for the whole summer, they essentially place themselves back where they were months ago academically. According to the National Summer Learning Association, the achievement gap between students can be linked to a lack of access to summer learning opportunities. If more kids kept their brains working throughout the year, teachers would be able to spend less time re-teaching last year’s lessons in the fall.

Time to Catch Up

If your child was behind in certain subjects during the school year, an Ivy Bound tutor can spend time exclusively focusing on those areas. It will be less stressful to learn when school is not in session, since your child will have time to fully process the information without the pressure of being tested on it. By the time school starts again, your child will be back on track with everyone else – or maybe well ahead!


If your child has spent the last few school years struggling to maintain good grades, they likely dread the arrival of a new semester. You can change that attitude through Ivy Bound tutoring. Studying regularly throughout the summer will make preparing for the first day of school a lot less stressful. Additionally, if your child is planning on taking the PSATs, a prep course in the summer eases the pressure of having to balance schoolwork at the same time. The SAT instructors at Ivy Bound have scored in the top one percent!

Relaxed Transition

If your child could benefit from a tutor during the school year, starting the process in the summer will make the transition easier when school begins again. Your son or daughter will already be familiar with the tutoring process and have a comfortable relationship with an Ivy Bound instructor. Your child will ease back into schoolwork with no problem knowing that they have an experienced tutor to rely on when content becomes challenging.

Many parents identify the summer months as the hardest time of the year to plan productive activities for their children. Interested in enrolling your child in a summer tutoring program? Give us a call today to explore your options!