Improve Resume

When making plans for the summertime, many kids consider being a camp counselor. For one, it’s a fun job to pass the time. Plus, you get paid to work outside! However, since working at a summer camp is a very common job for teenagers, it’s not very appealing on a college application. What should you know before applying for a camp counselor position?

Show Growth to Colleges

Unfortunately, summer is no longer a “no fly zone” – colleges care about what you do over the summer! Students who stand out make a bigger impression than those who do the same activity or nothing at all.

For this reason, it may be worth replacing the camp gig with one, two or three different activities. Do an enriching internship, take a college level class – trying new things can expand a student’s desire for what to get out of college!

Stand Out at Camp

If you’re really looking forward to camp, we recommend going for four weeks, rather than six or eight. While there, be the unique instructor who goes above and beyond to make the camp better.

For instance, start a horseback riding program or develop a performing band for kids to come back to each year.
No matter what you do with your summer vacation, academic performance remains paramount in the college admissions process. To prepare for the SAT and ACT or improve less-than-stellar scores, contact Ivy Bound today!