With so many alterations and cancellations, we at Ivy Bound applaud all of you who stuck with your agenda and tested over the past three weeks.  The early reports from you have been very good – the best score improvements I have seen in over 2 years.  We hope it keeps up – please let me or your tutor coordinator or Robin (Class coordinator) learn your scores, whether very good, good or not-yet-good.

I especially applaud you who travelled out-of-state to an alternate test center following a nearby closing.  We still think the dual sign-up and travel is worthwhile to “show your stuff”.  Though many colleges are going “optional”, a student who CAN post a score that’s above the college’s median should test.  A score that helps you is better than a “no-score”, so unless you have a 4.0 (a perfect GPA) a good ACT or SAT is increasing your chances for admission and increasing your PARENTS’ chances for scholarship $.


For seniors: a wise advisor, with high experience in the various options colleges offer, is more important than ever.  There are still some private counselors with openings for helping “last minute” applicants over the next two months.  Alternatively, our College Application “GET IT DONE” class starts November 12!  You’ll be done by December 12, and can hit “Send” then or the days that follow.  This is good regimentation for a difficult month, and VERY good teaching to help you stand out.  Contact robin@ivybound.net or call us at 877-489-2686.

Mark G