After years of clamoring for the possibility of having only one section on the ACT count, those in charge of the exam have listened. The ACT will now allow students to shore up their credentials by retaking one section of the ACT, rather than sit for the full test day.

The New Rule

The ACT will now superscore their tests, a process that used to be the one advantage of SAT over ACT. Superscoring means taking the highest scores from each section.

Typically, the colleges would decide whether or not to superscore and only about half would. Now, the ACT will let students retake one or two deficient sections from a prior test on a later date.

Affects On Our Students

We don’t recommend students limit themselves to one weak section if there’s a chance to improve a couple mediocre sections.

Let’s say you got a 35 on the English, 32 on Reading and Math, and a 28 on Science. With a little extra work, you can improve the 32 scores on those middle sections, even if concentrating on the 28 score.
Don’t do the minimum if you can improve in several areas! You’re already gearing up for the test, so see where your points can come up. Contact Us to learn more about ACT prep!