For all students studying for the SAT, we have some advice: Don’t wait to sign up! Whether it’s your target or practice test date, delaying until close to the deadline could get you shunted to a faraway test center. To avoid the unnecessary stress before test day, make sure to sign up well in advance.

Benefits of Early Signup

SAT classes fill up quickly. Once enrolled in a test prep course, you should be looking at upcoming SAT dates. The ideal test center would be your local high school because it’s familiar. Should something go wrong logistically, you know the teachers.

Disadvantages of Waiting

Get your spot locked in now, so there’s no need to go to the nearest available test center – which could be an hour or more away! No one wants to leave home early to deal with traffic and risk being late.

Some families feel the need to stay overnight in a hotel near the test center, which can also be a nuisance – unless it’s a cool place! However, test centers in New York City tend to fill up fast too.

For some parents, it may not be possible with their work schedules to spend the weekend near your assigned test center. If you’re an athlete or have a part-time job, it could be troublesome to adjust your schedule too. Sign up now to avoid these less-than-ideal scenarios!
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