Essay Evaluations for our ACT and SAT Students

Ivy Bound students who study for the Essay portions of the SAT and/or ACT receive individualized evaluations of essays they submit. Students receive these from an Ivy Bound instructor who is NOT the student’s regular tutor. That helps assure independence, and it gives students an extra set of “eyes” on their progress.

Students submit essays via scans or faxes. We do NOT want them typed, because part of the evaluation is how the handwriting LOOKS. Students receive a score on the ACT or the SAT scale and feedback about what elements of the essay can be improved. Occasionally feedback includes the portions of Ivy Bound’s materials that will teach (or reinforce) how to improve that type of grammar. Occasionally it includes sample sentences in a style students might try to emulate.

Students occasionally submit essays during Practice Tests. These essays are graded that weekend so students can get a score prior to the Sunday night group reviews we give. Occasionally essays are returned before the students finish their multiple-choice sections, which allow students to have a complete score when they leave the test. (Absent an essay score, students can still “assume” a number and have a near-complete score).

Ivy Bound offers monthly essay workshops. Students who then want individualized essay evaluations pay for a set of 3 or 6 essay evaluations.