soccerSee whether this characterizes you or someone you know:

1) You are looking for admission to an elite college.
2) Your athleticism will help get coaches in your corner; it might even get you a scholarship.
3) Standing “in the way” is that SAT (or ACT).

Tutoring for Athletes

Coaches want to see decent scores. They can’t risk having a recruit they recommend to admissions not “make it”. Ivy Bound makes SAT / ACT pain go away. You still have to take the test, but we make studying easier, and we raise scores. You can do this one-on-one, ideally in an off-season, with a tutor coming to your home.

Ivy Bound can also help THE WHOLE TEAM. A tutor can hold a small class for you and your teammates with similar ambitions. We typically do this in the summer, or in your off-season at school.

Many of our tutors played sports, some at the college level. You can request to have an Ivy Bound ACT or SAT tutor who used to play YOUR sport.

Before your season ends, contact Ivy Bound to arrange practice sessions leading up to the ACT or SAT. We look forward to becoming “SAT/ACT Coaches” for the whole team.