Ivy Bound Test Prep offers tutoring and classes for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, SSAT, Academic Subjects, LSAT, GMAT and more. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that offers online courses and lessons for free.

The effectiveness of Khan Academy’s videos are only as good as the attentiveness of the student. If navigated well and attended to diligently, Khan offers a wealth of learning opportunities. For some students, Khan’s videos are useful for jump-starting, for remedial help and for SAT prep.

Which Method Works Better?

CompareIvy BoundKhan Academy
PricingHourly FeeFree
Live TutorsYesNo
Choice of TutorsYesNo
Available 24/7CloseYes
Pros (Not Peers)YesYes
Access to Your School Assignments100%Limited

Our suggestion for frugal parents of highly motivated students: Try both Khan and Ivy Bound. Let your student experience two or even all three modes: Canned (Khan), live online (Ivy Bound) and live face-to-face (Ivy Bound). We offer trial enrollments where a student can enlist a tutor without paying an enlistment fee, just a one-hour tutoring charge. Do that in the same week as a Khan session and compare.

For parents whose kids need a motivator: Commit to Ivy Bound. A live human is an instant motivator. Our office staff will present a good-fit tutor for your child. In the first session or two, any “learning kinks” get worked out between tutor and family. Do not enlist a canned program where there is little flexibility, lest your child be turned off and become unwilling to try a live tutor.

Getting rid of frustrations is why parents often enlist tutors in the first place. If paying an hourly fee to help avoid frustration, ensure confidence and engender better grades is worthwhile, Ivy Bound’s office staff can probably make the “student-tutor” fit your child needs. Ivy Bound’s tutors are often collaborators, helping with school work as appropriate and propelling students to better test scores.

Remember, a tutor’s visit is one the student cannot “put off till later”. The regimentation itself is good for many students who have scheduling or organization issues. While Khan’s canned videos are excellent, they can never offer a tutor’s assessment, which can be priceless.