Male student working on computer with female tutor Your standardized test scores could be the difference between your rejection and your acceptance to a desired college. Let’s say your ACT score is in the top 6% of students applying to your dream school. If reaching the top 3% gave you a significantly better chance of acceptance, wouldn’t you try to achieve that? With Ivy Bound’s private and semi-private tutoring options, you can.

Tutoring for ACT Success

Students who are strong in math and science often opt to take the ACT over the SAT but, when unprepared, their knowledge can still leave them missing many questions on this exam. Through our in-person or online tutoring program, students will build their skills and become all-around better test-takers. Greenwich students can expect at least a 12 section-point increase with Ivy Bound. Even students who are not STEM standouts may find the ACT is the optimal test. The format has remained constant, which makes it a more “coachable” test.

Our scholarship seeking students report average scholarship of nearly $80,000 over four years. We hope you will join us in similar success.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped Greenwich students on all levels achieve ACT success.

Our ACT Tutoring Program Benefits

Ivy Bound has great instructors who have scored in the top 1%. Its senior instructors regularly retest. Ivy Bound tutors use Ivy Bound’s crafted lessons, licensed ACT materials and full-length proctored practice tests, so students get an accurate picture of their testing strengths and weaknesses. Leading up to the test, a tutor can come to your home to help resolve the shortcomings. With a higher ACT score, Greenwich students open the door to scholarship awards. Our average scholarship seeker earns nearly $80,000 in 4-year merit based scholarship awards.