Happy student working on her computer The ACT has been gaining in popularity among New Canaan students. Well-rounded students often find the ACT highlights their skills better than the SAT. They will take ACT instead of, or in addition to, the SAT.   Both of these standardized tests are acceptable to showcase academic skills to colleges. Colleges typically take the best score a student presents. Since the tests are now quite close in content, taking both gives students more chances at success.

Since the ACT scale is compacted from 1 – 36, a move of one or two composite points could be the difference between an acceptance and rejection letter from your dream school. New Canaan students who have a well-rounded test prep plan can expect big score increases with help from Ivy Bound!

Tutoring for ACT Success

Ivy Bound has been helping high school students achieve their college admissions goals since 2001. For ACT prep, we offer semi-private tutoring with two students and one tutor, as well as private tutoring sessions.

New Canaan students can work with an Ivy Bound tutor on all five sections or have their sessions tailored to the weakest areas of the exam. We use proprietary ACT lessons designed by Ivy Bound to build English, Math, Reading, and Science skills. We measure progress using real ACT practice tests. We have several tutors who can come to the home and many who will be available online to meet at your convenience.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped New Canaan students on all levels achieve ACT success.

Our ACT Tutoring Program Benefits

Working with tutors who have scored in the top 1% on the ACT or SAT, New Canaan students can expect to gain knowledge beyond what’s taught in school. As a result, we can guarantee at least a 12 section-point increase on the exam.

Not only can extra points propel you above the competition, but you could open the door to significant scholarship awards. The average Ivy Bound student reports nearly $90,000 in merit scholarship money to complete a four-year degree!

*50% of tutor fee or class fee is returned to any diligent student not seeing a 100-point improvement over a pre-Ivy Bound ACT. Restrictions apply. A guarantee agreement is required.