Young girl participating in an online tutoring session When it comes to college admission, a one-point margin could be the difference between acceptance and rejection to your dream school. Even raising your score to two-points above the college’s average gives you a much better admissions profile. How can you earn those extra points on a difficult test that is not taught in school?  Maybe not on your own, but with help from an Ivy Bound tutor, two points and then some!

Tutoring for ACT Success

Ivy Bound Test Prep has been coaching students since 2001. For the ACT, we offer semi-private and private tutoring. The semi-private session is with two students and one tutor; the parents split the cost of each session.

When you are stronger in Math and Science, the ACT is often the better choice than the SAT. However, if you are unprepared, you may receive a disappointing score report. Be sure you have the skills needed to succeed by enlisting an Ivy Bound instructor for this coachable exam.

Our scholarship seeking students report average scholarship of nearly $80,000 over four years. We hope you will join us in similar success.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped Stamford students on all levels achieve ACT success.

Our ACT Tutoring Program Benefits

When students prepare with our ACT tutors – who have all scored in the top 1% – they can expect a 12 section-point improvement. When you are hoping to increase your score, this could be a significant leap above the rest of the applicants. At Ivy Bound, our students use lesson plans that teach to the test. Our students measure improvement with Ivy Bound’s proctored practice tests.

Stamford students get a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses to improve on before test day. Tutoring with Ivy Bound gives students a distinct advantage, with the opportunity to earn an average of $80,000 in scholarship awards for a four-year degree.