Group tutoring sessionFor Wilton students who will be taking the ACT, Ivy Bound is a firm whose tutors teach directly to all 5 sections of the test. Some students do not need help on all sections so the tutor can tailor the work towards your choice of: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay.

Ivy Bound has tutors who come to students’ homes in Wilton and surrounding areas. With help from an Ivy Bound tutor, Wilton students can score better with a well-rounded test prep plan.

Tutoring for ACT Success

We offer private and semi-private tutoring sessions in-person and online for the ACT. Come with a friend or meet with an ACT tutor one-on-one to experience comprehensive ACT help. Ivy Bound tutors teach to the test and share knowledge beyond what most Wilton students learn in school. For tailored lesson plans, timed practice tests and an evening “Hotline”, enlist Ivy Bound.

Our scholarship seeking students report average scholarship of nearly $80,000 over four years. We hope you will join us in similar success.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped Wilton students on all levels achieve ACT success.

Our ACT Tutoring Program Benefits

Since our tutors have scored in the top 1% on the ACT or SAT, diligent students can expect at least a 12 section-point increase on the exam. This is a significant increase that could propel a Wilton student above the competition! It also opens the door to more scholarship opportunities. On average, diligent Ivy Bound students earn 4-year scholarships exceeding $80,000! Our ACT private and semi-private tutors have helped thousands of students achieve their admissions goals.