male-student2What is the AP?

AP stands for “Advanced Placement.” These are three-hour tests offered to high school students each May by The College Board. Students may choose the subjects and high schools exempt them from additional classes when they take these exams.

AP also stands for “AP Courses.” These are in-school classes schools offer to guide students toward success on their AP Exams. Teachers follow a curriculum that is designed for success on the May test. At many schools, the AP course demands more study hours than others.

What Ivy Bound offers:

  • One-on-one tutoring for the AP & SAT Subject Tests
  • In-home tutoring or over phone/Skype/GoToMeeting
  • AP practice test & SAT Subject Test questions for study
  • Group tutoring options
  • AP & SAT Subject Test materials
  • An instructor to help students prepare for a difficult course

Ivy Bound has helped students on all levels achieve AP Exam success.

When students meet as a group, the tutor cost is split among the participants, though each student pays a materials and licensing fee. This will not give you a formal AP credit, but it will allow you and your classmates to sit for the AP tests and SAT Subject Test well-armed.

Ivy Bound also offers AP Course Previews. These are one-to-three week classes before each semester’s work begins. Students who will be taking a difficult AP course can preview a large chunk of the course beforehand. After Ivy Bound instruction, the course work is often easier. When a student sees the topics for a second time, he or she is likely to earn a better grade with less stress.

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