Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

We’re eager to help propel you to a higher Medical College Admission Test score! The MCAT is a test of acquired knowledge and skills. The MCAT is the most important factor in med school admissions for all competitive schools. Medical school admissions offices depend on the MCAT more than undergrad admissions offices depend on the SAT.* Given a comparable GPA as other applicants with similar backgrounds, the admit/deny decision is then based almost solely on the MCAT.

What you can expect as a client:

  • Instructors who help build knowledge and skills
  • Scores that impress top-tier admissions committees
  • Proprietary techniques for the verbal reasoning section
  • Enhancement of science materials
  • Tutors who work on your schedule, at your convenience

Ivy Bound helps students who are in a program make the most of it. Our tutors adapt strategies to almost any outside materials.

GPA, research, internships, publications and character recommendations still weigh strongly in admissions decisions. However, since these are built over many years, the element most controllable over a short time is the MCAT.

Our students work hard at MCAT mastery, typically over a 3 – 5-month period. They should expect to achieve significant point increases in each studied subject and thereby raise their profiles for all competitive medical schools.

*Source: Dee Blackman, NY Independent Academic Adviser and Michael Goran, LA Independent Academic Adviser.

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