SCHOOLING IN THE HOME! – Many parents will keep their children out of school this fall. Whether it’s fear of a virus, discomfort with highly strict school policies, concern that logistics will keep students from learning effectively, trepidation that “my kid will do something that gets him disciplined” or frustration that socialization will be highly impeded, parent voices are melding into a chorus of “school is no longer right for us”. These parents now have very good options Learning Coaches by Ivy Bound provides private tutors and facilitates classroom teachers so learning can take place at home, with minimal parent involvement.

  • Replace / supplement school

  • Enrich / expand / explore

  • Parents can work / relax

  • Safe Space

  • Flexible Timing

  • Engaging tutors

  • Your Choice of Curriculum

  • Virtual (some) In-person

  • Parent involvement welcome

We offer three types of Learning Coaches for 2020 – 2021:

Dedicated Assistance – a tutor works with a single-family to replace the parent during the hours the parent needs the help. Regimenting learning, evaluating work, and prodding to reach the next level is the base level expectation. Since the tutor is dedicated to just one family, the tutor can be as constant as the parents desire. Most tutors are able to teach subjects to help make the learning programs come more alive and to help when a student gets stuck.


Multiple Assistance – a tutor works with multiple families, monitoring three or more students who are working on similar programs, but in different households. These could be former classmates who have withdrawn from regular school together, cousins across the country, or strangers who have like interests (as determined in a parenting group, church group, or social group). There is no issue with having different ages; the only similarity is to use the same home-schooling program. Then the tutor is in synch at all levels.


Specialized Assistance – two or more tutors with special expertise work with a family to help the child(ren)in specialty subjects. This is best for younger children with special learning needs, and for secondary school children who are taking specialty subjects at a high level. A seasoned tutor might thus take care of student’s Math and Chemistry knowledge while a second tutor would be called on for the child grammar, Reading, History, and Civics classes. A third tutor might engage the child for music lessons, and fourth tutor might be the foreign language tutor. Based on the child’s maturity, parents decide whether coverage must be continuous for a certain span of time, or whether tutors / monitors will “visit” online during certain hours.


For all above choices, the charge is by the hour. On an hourly basis, Monitored Assistance is the least expensive, and Specialized Assistance is the most expensive. Students who prove themselves to be mature learners will not need continuous coverage, however, if at-home safety is an issue and nobody else is home, some of our specialist tutors can be available at low “safety monitoring” rates and turn on the“tutoring clock” when there are academic needs for all choices – we ask the parents to be involved for the beginning of the first two sessions. We also hold“recap” time once a month when the parents speak with the tutor alone. Each gives one another feedback and suggestions for making the next month better. Sessions can be as short as ninety minutes or as long as nine hours. They may be daily (including weekends) or done on specific days. Where the home school program demands a parent’s check-in, parents may empower the monitor/tutor as an authorized surrogate.

Rates range from $12 per hour (Safety Monitoring, and Multiple Assistance) to $248 per hour (Specialized Assistance with a very seasoned tutor); there are no extra charges unless materials are needed, or a family is enlisting a home school program that requires the tutor to purchase access separately.

For Winter-Spring 2021, Ivy Bound will allow Secondary School students to attend group sessions in more specialties, for longer time blocks. 105 minute sessions convene every two hours from 8am to 8pm eastern in:

  • Algebra I,

  • Geometry,

  • Algebra II,

  • Probability,

  • Trigonometry,

  • Calculus, and

  • ACT/SAT math

  • European History,

  • U.S. History,

  • World History,

  • Grammar, Reading,

  • Writing Prose,

  • Writing Fiction, and

  • ACT/SAT Verbal

  • Biology,

  • Chemistry,

  • Computer Science,

  • Earth Science,

  • Health / Nutrition

  • Physics, and

  • ACT Science

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